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Our concept of severe weather

  What do we mean by “Severe Weather”?


We aim to describe a particular kind of weather facts: those that we could call “extreme”, or at least go beyond what we call normal. Then, it is important that we state a definition for those facts. We have created a comprehensive list of codes to name all the events. In the “Collaborators” section, you will find further information about those codes, as well as some directions to write your own Chasing Reports.

Severe Weather Facts

TO - Tornado (Supercelular)
GU - Gustnado
LS - Landspout
TU - Funnel Cloud (does NOT touch ground)
TV - Dust Cloud
DO - Downburst (Micro or Macro)
TR - Waterspout
GA - Galerna” (Gale force winds and violent rain from the Sea)
GR - Hail (bigger than 2 cm)
GX - Acumulación de Granizo > 30 cm.
RI - Rissaga ( Mediterranean violent tide)
VI -Strong wind, >100 km./h, different from any of the above.
IN - Flash Flood


- Severe Thunderstorm (Multicell, Supercell, Squall Line, etc.)


If you have any doubt about your own Chasing facts and/or different types of Severe Weather, do not hesitate to contact us at SSW:

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