March, 20th 2019




Many of you reading these lines already know me. Pedro Jose Serrano is the name I was given 23 years ago. I currently live in Vallecas (SE Madrid).

After serious trouble in my studies I found out those were not the right thing for me, thus specialising in Computer Systems, something I ´ve been working with for three years now.

I have different hobbies, being most of them related to Nature and Sports. Some examples are Mountain walking, Country Side walking, Cycling, etc. Also Football… I support Rayo Vallecano, currently in 2nd B division of Spanish League. And my other hobbies: Listening to any kind of music, cinema (Spanish preferred), and the most important of all: My passion for Meteorology.

I would not be able to explain where is the origin for this passion. I remember when I always was the last one after lunch, watching the weather report on TV. It started getting some knowledge some 15 years ago, with books, courses, and now mainly in the Internet.

This idea of creating a Team for the poor weather was a success from the very beginning. All of us at the SSW Team have plenty of these ingredients: Our illusion, our liking, our Passion.

That indescribable feeling, when you are defenceless in front of any potentially severe weather phenomenon…that is what we will try to transmit to everyone who enters this world.

From my particular vision, I will struggle for the success of this project, hoping our names will be remembered in the future, whenever somebody may visit this small but great site.



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